2005 – 2010 r.

-Surrounding area of ​​Sofia City Center- city. Sofia, this is a. "Arsenal" №2.
Description: The site is the first "mall" in Bulgaria;
-Residential Park Sofia. Project for the period 2005-2009. /about 240 decares – over Business Park Sofia - design of the entire surrounding area of 10 quarter /.
Assignor: Lindner
Description: The subject of the work is a complete working project for landscape planning, including neighborhood parks, perimeter space, technical elements of the design of the park space, alley network and adjacent footpaths for:
– Quarter10
– Quarter11
– Quarter12
– Quarter13
– Quarter14
– Quarter15
– Quarter16
– Quarter17-18
– Quarter19
The site for its time is the largest in area in the capital designed with a complete concept after the changes from 1989 r;

-70 decares - compensatory program in park parts of zh.k.. Krasno Selo, children's playgrounds, sport facilities, benches, bins, small architectural elements.
Assignor: ECE
Description: The project covers a compensatory program in the park parts of the residential area. Krasno Selo, city. Sofia – children's playgrounds, sport facilities, benches, bins, small architectural elements, street landscaping;
-Surrounding area of ​​the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bulgaria - Reconstruction;
Assignor: Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Bulgaria
Landscaping and landscaping of : MBAL – AG Complex gr. ruse, including roof garden - Reconstruction.

2010 – 2014 r.

-Reconstruction and improvement of the Salt Museum. "Pomorie - a tourist attraction - a city of salt, ancient history and traditions - gr. Pomorie, Municipality of Pomorie (2011 g.);
Assignor: Municipality of Pomorie.
Description: The Salt Museum in. Pomorie is the only one of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula.
-Park arrangement and improvement. Landscape architecture - feasibility studies, recording and expert evaluation, of the surrounding space, park arrangement and improvement, bench design, roof garden of the "Children's Museum", city. Sofia.
Assignor: Muzeiko.
Description: Muzeiko is the first object of this type / education through play / in Eastern Europe;
-Landscaping and Landscaping of the surrounding area of ​​the complex "Cranes 2", city. Primorsko, including strengthening of slopes and reconstruction of the cemetery park in the town of. Primorsko, Municipality of Promorsko.

Assignor: COURT 161;
-"Performing design services for a site: Reconstruction, renovation and completion of part of the street network, sidewalks, street lighting and a separate square space in the center of the village. Fisherwoman, common. Teteven ”. Including a sculptural composition "fish" and stone fountains.
Assignor: Municipality of Teteven;
-Park arrangement and improvement. Landscape architecture - feasibility studies, filming and expert evaluation and conceptual design in all parts of the town. Pomorie between streets: st. "Knyaz Boris", st. "Calm", st. "Strandzha" and st. "Monastery",- city. Pomorie, Municipality of Pomorie. - Labyrinth Park above 50 decares (2013 g.);
Assignor: Municipality of Pomorie;
-Making a complex investment project by measure 321 from the PRSR - Elena Municipality (2012 g.), (Sports complexes in: city. Helen, from. Constantine and s. Maisko);YU
Assignor: Municipality of Elena;
-Making an investment project by measure 321 from the Godech Municipality (2012 g.); .), (Sports complex in the town of. Годеч).
Assignor: Municipality of Godech;
Assignor: Municipality of Dolna Banya;
-Activities for sustainable management of Vitosha National Park:Contract № DIR-5113326-C-010 for the grant under the operational program "ENVIRONMENT 2007-2013"; Project IRDIR-5113326-4-98 under OPE Agreement-03-87/10.10.2013r;
Performed activities:
Development of a concept for ensuring the access of people with disabilities on the territory of Vitosha National Park.- Selection and identification of appropriate places to adapt to the requirements for the access of disadvantaged people. Elaboration of projects and details of repeatable arch. facilities and park infrastructure. Project for restoration and adaptation of specialized routes and facilities.
Assignor: PE "Vitosha"
Description: The project covers the entire territory of Vitosha Mountain within the boundaries of Vitosha National Park;
-Activities for sustainable management of Vitosha National Park, Contract N: DIR-5113326-C-010 for the grant under the operational program "ENVIRONMENT 2007-2013", project IRDIR-5113326-4-98 under OPE Agreement-03-80/16.07.2013r. (2013 g.) Conceptual and detailed design for Vitosha Park, in the part of the park at the approaches of the village. Bistrica et al. Railway.
Assignor: PE "Vitosha".
Description: The project covers the approaches to the mountain from the districts of Sofia - Bistritsa and Zheleznitsa.

2014 – 2015 r.

-"Monument to King Samuel - town. Sofia.”, authors: BUT. Хайтов, M. Gurkova, Р. Gurkov.
Assignor: Bulgarian Memory Foundation.
Description: The object though, that it is small and low budget it is more complicated to design, coordination and implementation of the other projects in the reference on the basis of time and competition with 21 project proposals;
-“Preparation of a conceptual design for sections 3, 4 and 5, stage 2 from "Preparation of a preliminary design for the completion of the Hemus highway"
Assignor: Aegis Bulgaria EAD
Description: The site is the longest newly designed part of Hemus Motorway in the section between Pleven and Tarnovo;
-Reconstruction of the area around the river Nishava in the central part of the town. Годеч
Assignor: Municipality of Godech
Description: The project covers the reconstruction of the central part of the city. Godech on both sides of the river. Nishava - sidewalks, flooring, road to the river, Street lighting, benches, bins and elements of urban infrastructure, strengthening the riverbed;
-“Construction and installation works on a project 32/3/3231028 "Preservation and restoration of material and spiritual samples of the ancient Thracian cultural heritage in Razlog", site "Restoration of stone slabs from an ancient Thracian sanctuary in Stolovatets near Razlog".”,; realization.
Assignor: Razlog Municipality.

2016 – 2018 r.

-“Monument to Gen.. Kolev - town. Dobrich.”, (2016-2017g.); authors: BUT. Хайтов, M. Gurkova, Р. Gurkov.
Assignor: SKAT TV and Dobrich Municipality.
Description: The site is a monumental complex in the center of town. Dobrich to gen. Kolev and memorial plaques to those killed above 1000 soldiers and officers in his defense during the First World War;
-“Preparation of a project in part “Landscape and landscaping” for local lanes in the range of the Northern velocity tangent of km 2+780 up to km 3 + 680 ”
Assignor “North Speed ​​Tangent 2016”;
– "Closing of an old depot for solid waste - the town of Kardzhali, contract №:13393-03 / 09.06.2016. Completion of activities for reclamation of an existing landfill - Kardzhali and removal of defects on its upper insulation screen.
Assignor: DZZD "Arma Engineering"
-"Repair of street lighting in Silistra"
Assignor: Municipality of Silistra
Description: STUDIO GURKOV EOOD is the designer in the consortium DZZD Svetlina Silistra. Pilot project funded by the Republican budget for the introduction of energy efficient street and park lighting of the entire city of Silistra;
-"Preparation of the park spaces of the sites at the Territorial Department - Varna and the Territorial Department - Burgas"
Assignor: Military Clubs and Military Recreation Executive Agency.

2018 - 2020.

-"Preparation of a project -" Renovation of the rosary in Knyaz – Borisova Garden ”, city. Sofia.
Description: The site is a monument of the garden, park art and landscape architecture;
-"Renewal of the Prince – Boris Garden – historical part ", city. Sofia.
Description: The site is in the conceptual design phase in all parts for an area of 320 decares including the historical part of Knyaz Park - the Boss Garden in the town of. Sofia.
-"Reconstruction and modernization of the market in the central part of town. Dragoman
Assignor: Municipality of Dragoman;
-Reconstruction of Nikolay Haitov Park and construction of sports and entertainment facilities in Regulated Land I – for the park, sq. 92 according to the plan of gr. Sapareva Banya ”.
Assignor: Sapareva Banya;
-„Park arrangement and improvement on the street “St.. Ivan Rilski, city. Dragoman”.
Assignor: Municipality of Dragoman;
-„Park arrangement and improvement, pumping stations and automated irrigation system on project: "Engineering - design, author's supervision and execution of construction and installation works (SMR) - Reconstruction of the existing sports grounds, pedestrian alleys, road approaches and parking and landscaping and landscaping of the park space, including. construction of outdoor lighting and irrigation system on part of the open areas of the Medical and Rehabilitation Base of the National Assembly - Velingrad ”.
Description: The site is a holiday base of the National Assembly with an area above 20 dec. in the city. Velingrad.